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Archaeologists Discover Prophet Zechariah’s Burial Place

(disclaimer: possibly)

Biblical Prophet Zechariah’s burial place may have been discovered in the Judean Hills, some 20 miles from Jerusalem.   Palastinian looters were actually first to find the site, and archaeologists were there soon after to uncover what appeared to be the remains of a 1,500 year old church building.

Biblical Burial Site Location

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Archaeologist on scene Shai Bar-Tura had this to say, “In order to prevent, save, and salvage whatever archaeological finds were there, the Israel Antiquities Authority decided to start excavating and the results were fantastic…We’re trying to figure out why such a significant building was built here,”

Underneath one part of the Building, an ancient tomb was found, the archaeology experts agree that it might have been the tomb of prophet Zechariah and the church was built on top of it as a memorial.

The Bible is full of history and stories that are verifiable! Archeology provides proof beyond doubt that the Bible is not fairy tales but real happenings, just as things are happening today.

Full story found here:  Archaeologists Discover 1,500-Year-Old Church , Article by Julie Stahl, CBN News Correspondant.