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The First Temple in Jerusalem is JEWISH!?

Archaeologists uncover evidence clearly showing the first temple in Jerusalem as in fact belonging to the Jewish People.

As Palestinians have for years denied the ownership of Israel, Israeli archaeologists are preparing to open to the public, the ruins of the first temple so all may see that the Temple in Jerusalem was in fact that of Solomon and of the Hebrew people.

“This demonstrates the way it all happened and the biblical description is shown very nicely in archaeology,” said Eilat Mazar, the Hebrew University archaeologist who uncovered the finds for the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Now for the first time, visitors can touch the ancient stones and picture themselves in the time of Solomon as they roam the ruins.

Photo courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority

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Sodom and Gomorrah – Archaeology Site Found!

Historian and Author Michael Rood in his show “A Rood Awakening From Israel” takes you to Israel to the cities of the plain: Sodom and Gomorrah. Rood shows the brimstone found there that is found no where else.  He shows ashen remains of the cities still seen with right angles and roofed structures.  This takes Bible archaeology to the level where the average person can understand and see that scriptures hold truth that cannot be denied.  See videos below, Source here: Sodom and Gomorrah Bible Archaeology