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New Egypt Antiquities Chief Quits Leaving Priceless Treasures in Danger

Photo Courtesy Egyptian Gazette (Link at bottom)

Tuesday September 20, 2011 In Cairo Egypt, Mohamed Abdel Fatah who took over the job after Zahi Hawass Quit as head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities said that because of the many strikes by employees and picketers he resigns. Since Mubarek has been outed, outbreaks of violence and strikes have been on the rise.  “Condition have become chaotic and I am afraid to say that the SCA is now completely paralysed,” he said.  This means that the vast amount of ancient Egyptian artifacts and treasures are in danger of possible looting and damage. These outbreaks can destroy what so many archaeologists have worked so hard to bring. Full story found on the Egyptian Gazette here: Egypt antiquities chief quits 


Rare Artifacts Resurface after 35 Years in Sinai Peninsula

There is some good news coming out of the  Egyptian Revolution.

“In March 3, the Egyptian press reported that 30 truckloads of antiquities had been moved for safekeeping from the Qantara storage facilities to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Included were “Sinai artifacts that were retrieved from Israel following the signing of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty.”’


(representational purposes only)

Included in the artifacts is a 400-pound stone bowl with an inscription on the rim in paleo- Hebrew letters – “Yahweh, spelled with four Hebrew letters (YHWH), known in scholarly literature as the tetragrammaton, is the personal name of the Hebrew God.”


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